Posted by: orletth | May 20, 2009

B.Y.O.T.P. (Bring your own toilet paper)

I spent the day catching up with friends (Lia, Makeda, and Allen) before leaving for China; we visited happy hour at Houlihan’s. Of course we had a good time.

I’m still in the process of packing (trying to keep it light). Today I had to add toilet paper to my suitcase because we were instructed to bring our own. Never have I had to travel with my own toilet paper. OH! Yesterday I received an email about H1N1 Influenza a.k.a. swine flu. In summary it said before departing the plane we must sign a declaration stating we do not have flu-like symptoms. After de-boarding we must go through a thermal scan that will indicate if we have an elevated temperature…the wonderful world of technology. This experience is getting more and more interesting and I have not boarded the plane yet.


Allen: "Everyone say weave"

Allen: "Everyone say weave"


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