Posted by: orletth | May 26, 2009

Sometimes its not bad being the only one

Now that we’re in Jingzhou we’re staying in Yangtzeu University international dorms. Its a big difference from Super 8. Its set up like a 2 bedroom apartment but its not warm and cozy 😦 If the dorm wasn’t available we would have stayed in a 5 star hotel across the street for ~ $64 US per night. The dorm is $6 per day. We’ve gone to the hotel for meals and it is BEAUTIFUL! We even talked to someone at the front desk to let us go see one of the rooms. By the time we left we were upset that we couldn’t stay there.

Of course you all know that China doesn’t have many black people. Well I knew this before coming but my professor today pulled me to the side to “inform” me. I told her I prepared myself. She said don’t be alarmed if they want to take pictures with me. She also said I am more than likely the only black person in Jingzhou. Yall should see how they look at me and take pictures. I feel like I should be in a glass case.

Today we had the welcome ceremony with the university which was above and beyond what I expected. We met the president of the university and deans of the medical and nursing schools. We had a photographer follow us for the entire day. During our tour of the nursing school we saw cadavers (dead humans used for dissection), they even had almost everybody part encased and on display. I have pics! When we walked into the auditorium for the presentations by our professors over 200 students clapped as we walked down the aisle. After the presentation we were matched up with a nursing students, mine is named Mary (that’s her American name). I’ll have class with her tomorrow.

Today I had eel! It was ok, I don’t really like the texture. Since I’ve been here I think I consumed more pork than I’ve had in my lifetime.

We went to Walmart!! Nothing to different than the US just a bunch of rice. The prices were about the same too. Speaking of prices I think I need to convert more money because I’m in the mind set that I have two bills marked 100 so I should be good for the week…negative!. For breakfast I spent 28 yen and dinner 66 yen which is a little over $15 US.

Coming back from Walmart it was pouring down raining. Like I said the driving was bad in Beijing but I think its worse in Jingzhou. There are NO traffic lights and they do not obey traffic lanes they drive all over the street. I was praying the entire time because I just knew we were going to hit a person on a bike or hydroplane.
Ok its 10:46 pm here, 10:46 am US so I’m going to bed have to be up at 6. Peace out.




  1. Hey Kid,

    See you are getting quite a life time experience. Savor it! There is no place like “Living In America.”
    Learn a lot. Have Fun. Be safe.
    Miss Ya!

  2. Wow! You could be the only black person there that is shocking! I would think there would at least be one….

    And that sucks y’all didn’t get to stay @ the 5star hotel but at least you have a regular toilet at the dorm!! This is defintely an experience, boy I tell ya!

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