Posted by: orletth | May 27, 2009

Day 5 – Frustration

Shot out to my brother Richie B. Happy Birthday!

Well right now I’m a little frustrated with staying in Jingzhou. It has been raining/ pouring nonstop. I can handle the rain but I can’t manage living in these conditions for long. Its one thing to be uncomfortable during the day and seek comfort while in living quarters but I am uncomfortable all day. I have to get my mind right to sit on the bed so you already know going to sleep is a challenge. I sleep with a T-shirt on my pillow. The shower makes me itch 😦 My professor said we’re saving $300 staying on campus. Orlett says to her self, “I’ll pay $500 or more to be comfortable.”  I don’t want to complain but I think staying in a hotel will give me just as a “raw” study abroad experience as living in these dorms. Honestly it isn’t enhancing my experience it may be making it worse because I’m wet and miserable during the day and dry and itchy at night. I think living in a trailer for 2 years on SU’s campus exposed me to enough. Or maybe I’m a little home sick. When we finally go shopping I should feel better..need some therapy.

On a lighter note 🙂 today we visited the Traditional Chinese Medicine classrooms. We participated in massage, acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion (google/youtube it). I got a massage from a student and thought I was gonna fall off the stool because it was so rough. I had to get my new Chinese friend “Mary” to translate to him that I was in pain. (That’s her American name). One of the students at the university came up to me to ask could he touch my skin. I told him it feels the same as his but feel free. His American name is Alex and he got that from a character from Prison Break. I met a really nice girl, her American name is Lemon because she likes lemons. She’s studying for her masters in linguistics and English. Lemon did the translating during some of our sessions.

Ok same as always I’m tired. We have to be ready at 8am tomorrow because we have to drive to the hospital.



  1. Girl this is too funny. Can I touch ya skin?

  2. You have lived a privileged life. Be Thankful!

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