Posted by: orletth | September 13, 2009

Lasting bonds…

Homecoming 2008

Homecoming 2008

Being kind, caring, respectful, helpful and an over good friend can take you places or put you in situations that “are ment to be.” My freshman year August 2005 I met my mentor Jessica Rodgers at the Prematriculation Program aka Powerful Connections. From day one she told me if I ever need help or anything to let her know and she’ll be there. And she never lied!  Jessica was there to calm my worries when I said I would never get into the nursing program. Those long nights in Blackwell library she was there too. And thats where I met Melissa Smith aka Buffy :). Melissa was my road dog junior year when we entered the program Fall 2007. We had classes together, ate off my meal plan together, and we studied together almost every weekday until the library closed.  Yea a lot of togethers lol.  Junior year the three of us would go to Kingdom Community Church (I think that’s the name). Now they have both graduated and started their careers as REGISTERED NURSES! I’m very proud of them. And to top it off they didn’t forget about me 🙂 This semester I didn’t have to buy any textbooks because collectively they overnighted me the books in time for classes. Even though we don’t talk often I know that we are all a phone call away. So yea Melissa you can always call me for directions lol.

In one of the books Jessica enclosed a picture of her BEAUTIFUL daughter Jaelyn. Spring semester when I had my “ment to be” academic break from nursing courses I would pick up Baby J from daycare and babysit until Jessica was done with class. Now she’s a big girl 🙂



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