Posted by: orletth | November 5, 2009

Senior year mindset

IMG00519I’m going through one of the phases when I’m living by the motto “C’s get degrees.” I am mentally tired of school…nursing school to be exact. I’m ready to learn about something else. I know it’s too late in the game to slack but it like I got a monkey on my back lol. I can’t study anymore. The scary part is I don’t even stress about it anymore. I attend all of my classes and participate, I even open my books to study but I hardly read the required material for the exams. This is so different from how things used to be. Before I would not go to sleep until I looked over my notes for at least one class. Oh how that has gone out of the window.

I want to do something new…away from Salisbury. Maybe even away from Maryland. I’m ready to move on to the next chapter in the beautiful book of life. Friday, May 21, 2010 where are you?


DISCLAIMER for specifically Mrs. Haskett: Don’t be alarmed by the C’s get degrees


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