Posted by: orletth | July 27, 2010

What arm should a woman wear her watch?

For about a year or so I’ve had a slight obsession with watches. I love a watch with a large face. Unfortunately my arm is a little too narrow for most large face styles.  I always wear my watch on the left arm and I was recently told that it was incorrect for a woman to wear it this way, men should wear their watch on the left and women on the right. I took your word for it Special J, however I needed to see it in black and white. I did a thorough Google search until I was satisfied with what I read. Almost all sites said the arm where the watch is worn is personal preference. Typically, if the person is right-handed they will wear their watch on the left and if left-handed it will be worn on the right. I’m beginning to wonder if this has a correlation to the homosexuality thing with earrings in the right ear and not the left for men. IDK! LOL


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