Posted by: orletth | September 30, 2010

Such is life

“Life changes on a daily basis…but I gotta keep movin’ and make it” ~Juelz Santana

It can be a tough pill to swallow when you begin to succeed and surpass the ones around you then all of a sudden a change occurs in your relationships. They’re around when you’re pretty much on the same level as them, doing the same ish every day. When new doors open and opportunity knocks and you jump to answer, who would have thunk it that things would change amongst your family and friends. Why should I have to down play my success so you feel comfortable? I worked HARD for what I have achieved. And for some of them, things would have been much easier than it was for me, but they chose not to answer that knocking. My fault?…No, I didn’t think so. Daddy says, “You paid your dues. Now let the haters hate!” It’s quite frustrating but such is life. I’m proud, my parents are proud and so are the ones that unconditionally care for me. Deuces!

“I know you like f—, this is child abuse. Call DYFS, I must be gettin’ nicer.”

 ~ Jay Z, 30 Something


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